Faith Forward Volume 2

Faith Forward Volume 2

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Starting the business? Leaving the relationship? Chasing your dreams? Praying for healing? Struggling with forgiveness? Trying to fix a broken family? Studying for the degree? Praying for the baby? Moving to a different city? It all requires faith to overcome the fear that comes with these bold moves. You have to truly be committed to Faith Forward. Faith Forward is a collection of real life, intimate stories of faith, written by several co-authors. Each co-author of this book has collectively decided it's time to share their bold and courageous story of faith with the world. The best selling coauthors of this book are sharing how moving forward in faith has created new opportunities, miracles, and healing. They are discussing what the faith walk really looks like. Be prepared for their stories to enable you to see through the eyes of faith.


I chose to share a story of faith that is so close to me and not many people know. I pray the pain of my past will bring healing to you in your future. Download your copy today and share your faith forward experience with me on social media!


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