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You have to believe that you are who God says you are and then you have to walk in it! Everything I ever needed was right on the other side of my unbelief. I doubted myself and I thought that the odds were against me because of my past failures. At one point i even struggled in my faith and second guessed Gods plan for my life. I let the enemy trick me into believing that maybe God forgot about me, maybe he forgot about the promises he made me, maybe he didn't really need to use me anymore. My faith was lost and I rarely prayed. I had lost me.

One day I got tired of living below what I knew I had potential to be. I just got tired and I looked in the mirror and said this isn't me. I had to check myself. I had to remind myself of who I belonged to. I had to remember that God chose me but, I was so lost I didn't know how to get back. Sometimes at night I cried and pleaded with God to show me the way, the way back to me, a way out of my unbelief.

I started fighting with everything in me to feel God again. I didn't care how many times I had to fall on my knees at the alter in front of the church congregation for the Lord to understand that I was making a declaration, to be his again! I fought for me. I prayed and weeped. I had to be set free because I was trapped in a mindset that wasn't me. A prison of unbelief.

I isolated myself and worked on me. I prayed more, I focused more, I pushed myself until i felt free. God I can feel you again, you saved me. God started speaking, I could hear him clear again. He told me that he had never left me, he was with me this whole time. All i ever needed to do was believe, in who he had called me to be. There was never any need to doubt because I am already everything he said I would be. I just have to believe, I just have to walk in it, I just have to be me. Believe that I AM QUEEN. I am now at this moment all that i need to be. I am the woman God has called me to be.

I believe, I am free, I am delivered, and I AM QUEEN.