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Queens Raising Queens

The day you find out you must prepare to be a mother the pressure is on! The reality sets in that things are no longer about you and you must live for someone else. You are now responsible for someone else's life and upbringing. The questions start to flood your mind, "Am I ready?" "What will I teach her?" "What type of woman will I raise her to be?" Then she arrives and the innate instincts of motherhood come out of no where! Everything you thought you lacked you realize that you already have it. The day your little princess was born, so were you! The queen in you rose to the occasion and it all made sense, everything you've ever been through led you to this point. Passing down the legacy of unconditional love, wisdom, self worth, and courage to your young queen became paramount. In a world full of women who seek validation from others and diminish their worth for materialistic things, it is vital that we as mothers pass down Queen values to our daughters.

We must teach our daughters just how valuable they are and remind them of it daily. Always encourage them to follow their hearts and chase their dreams. It is our constant responsibility as mothers to remember that we are our daughters first example of what a woman should be. God has blessed us to start a legacy of our own! One that reinforces the power of honorable womanhood, integrity, class, and dignity.

When putting together this shoot i really just wanted to celebrate mothers everywhere! The mothers who never negotiate or compromise their core values and strive to teach their daughters to do the same. I wanted to celebrate young mothers, still trying to figure it out with the little that they have and encourage them to keep going! I wanted to honor you, mom. Celebrating you for opening your heart to love unconditionally without limitations. For raising a Queen through the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. You are really outdoing yourself! Getting through the tantrums, accomplishing your goals, chasing your dreams, fixing dinner, doing laundry, comforting, consoling, being the snack holder and the life size pillow! You are everything and more to your princess and I'm so proud of you, i am proud of us! This day is for you to celebrate you and for everyone to sing your praises because you deserve it! Don't be ashamed to toot your own horn because you are a Queen raising a Queen and that's worth being honored. Happy Mothers Day!