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What Does the Church Girl Wear?

Who said you can't be a church girl and have major style? One of my biggest passions is everything fashion, I love fashion and style thats out of the box. The difficult part for a lot of my conservative women is embracing your personal style in the era of social media where being practically nude seems to be the new wave. Well I'm here to let you know that you don't have to conform to what seems popular, you can still be sexy with your clothes on and you can still be stylish when you're covered up!

I personally don't think its necessary to show everything, leave something to the imagination! I'm a woman with curves and I absolutely love my body but, the attention I get when wearing something tight or revealing isn't necessarily the attention I always want. I just rather be acknowledged for my style, my grace, my class, my intelligence! Something other than my "assets!" Im not saying it's wrong to show your curves off every once in a while but, how you display your body makes all the difference.

Over the next several weeks I'll be releasing a series of looks exploring my take on conservative style. My first look of the week is a beautiful ruffled dress that I tweaked a little and wore as a blouse. I paired it with some white flare pants because I love layers! The peak of shoulders shows just enough skin and I still feel sexy, even when I'm all covered up!

So this week I challenge you to show the world your best sexy conservative look! Hashtag #SRMFASHION to have your look displayed on our social media! Who ever said the church girl can't be fashionable, lied!