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How to Cope

Maybe it's just me but, year 25 of life always seemed like a pivotal time. When I turned 25 things got lit! I got engaged, got a promotion, gave birth to Shanice Royal Ministries, and so much more. No one told me that 25 would also bring about some emotional epiphanies as well. In this year I have come to learn so much about myself, I've had some emotional breakdowns, and I have dealt with emotional hurt that I thought I had let go in the past. The most important things that I have learned is not to be afraid to feel, not to be afraid to be vulnerable, and not to be afraid to speak what you feel.

Year 25 has brought me so much joy but, it has also been filled with lots of anxiety! I am a person who dreams big and I have so many expectations for the type of legacy I want to leave behind. This sometimes burdens me when I don't feel like I'm accomplishing things as fast as I should. Anxiety has it's way of creeping in and causing me to feel overwhelmed. I don't know if anyone else feels this way sometimes but, I just want to encourage you with a word that always eases my anxiety (Philippians 4:6-7) "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding , will guard your hearts and minds through christ Jesus." This scripture brings me so much peace when I'm feeling anxious about my goals. It's a reminder for me to trust the timing of God. Be anxious for nothing! To me that says, don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure, Instead pray in humility for your desires and be grateful for where you are. Take your concerns to God and he will give you peace when you should be stressed! wow! That always takes a load off my shoulders. Always reminds me that I am right where God wants me to be and my desire to be better is simply a declaration that Im available to be used by God.

I've noticed that a lot of young adults are suffering from depression and are just not sure how to deal with the flood of childhood emotions that present themselves in your adult life. I have to be honest, one day womanhood hit me! I had to look myself in the mirror a few times and remind myself of who I am. I have realized in this year that there were some childhood hurt that I thought I had forgotten about that one day hit me like a ton of bricks. Some disappointment from the past that crept into my adulthood. I realized just how much certain things shaped my perspective as an adult and affected the way I love and build relationships. I sat with hurt that had been tucked away for years but, somehow showed up in a discussion in my adult life. I had an epiphany one day, I had been accustomed to being disappointed by someone that should never let me down and that disappointment affected the way I trust. God showed me as clear as day! I made a decision that day not to be afraid to feel what I felt and not to be afraid to speak outloud to God and tell him that I was disappointed and hurt. That day I was healed. 

The problem with me is that I'm sometimes afraid of appearing weak so I won't allow myself to feel. I don't always want to say what I feel because then it becomes real and I have to deal with it so I won't say it out loud but, this year has taught me that there is strength in my vulnerability! It takes a brave person to face emotional issues head on. Tucking your feelings away only robs you of true healing. Don't be afraid to feel, don't be afraid to be vulnerable, and don't be afraid to speak what you feel because God can heal what you confess. Lean on the word of God and trust the process! You are never in it alone. Stay prayed up sis! 

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