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Distance in the Stretching!

Oh my Lord it's been way too long! I promise it won't ever be this long again. So, I'm spending my weekend in and I thought what better way to spend my time than sharing whats been on my heart with you. This is the perfect time to fill my girls in who missed the pillow talk. That way we're all caught up for the next one.

Maybe it's just me (if I'm not alone leave a comment and let me know) I have been in a season of stretching! It's the most uncomfortable, exciting, promising, nerve wrecking, beautiful seasons i've ever been in. It's that space between the prophesy and the manifestation of the prophecy. I'm closer than I've ever been, yet I'm not quite there yet. It's like I can vividly see the dream in front of me and I'm being stretched as I reach everyday to make the dream tangible. Does that make sense? It can be frustrating a little but, It's also so beautiful to me because I am learning so much about my real strengths and weaknesses. I am challenging myself in ways I wouldn't normally and I can literally feel the growth within myself everyday.

In this stretching season I've been praying more and more for God to strengthen my faith where it is weak. The thing about asking God to strengthen your faith is you must realize that in order for your faith to be strengthened it must be tested. The testing of your faith is never meant to destroy you but, to build you instead. Every time I've been met with a test, no I don't always handle it correctly the first or sometimes second or third time but, for the most part I approach the test with the mindset that this is simply what God is using to build me. I began to ask myself discovery questions like, "what in you needs to be addressed in this situation?" It's less about the situation and more about what the situation brings out of you. What does your test expose about you? Has school deadlines exposed the procrastinator in you? Has a relationship exposed flaws in your character? Did God finally give you the vision but, now the fear in you wont allow you to move forward? Tests expose our weaknesses but if we submit those weaknesses to God then his strength can be made perfect in us! (2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.)

For example, when putting together my pillow talk event, God had already showed me a vision of how the place would look, the lighting, the set up, everything. I saw it vividly however I didn't have all of the resources to put something like this together. The truth of the matter is I was a little shook because it was exactly what I wanted. I had been praying for God to show me how he wanted it to be. When he showed me I was a little nervous because with my natural eyes I could see that I couldn't possibly pull this off with the small amount of resources I had. This is where the stretching came in. I said God i have to wait until I have everything in order, I have to wait until I save enough money, I have to wait until I make more connections. I had every excuse not to do it. Then God said to me "Just Jump." I was praying on a flight, so when I heard jump I was like ok God just chill lol (J/K) but, he said to me "Just as you trust me to guide the wings of this plane you're on to safety, trust me the same way with your life, your ministry, your business, Just trust". From that day I posted the date on my instagram page without having anything planned. I put the date in the atmosphere and I began to work my faith.

The vision God gave me exposed the weakness in my faith and the fear in my heart for the success I had been asking for was eventually uncovered. I realized that I had been complaining to God for more but, my heart was not postured correctly to receive the more I had been asking for. So I started with the date and I was vulnerable and exposed but I was standing firm on my faith that if God gave me the vision he would make the provisions and that is exactly what he did. Sept 7, the day before my birthday I not only celebrated my birthday but I celebrated the strengthening of my faith. The pillow talk that I saw in my vision on a plane, manifested in real life.

I spoke the word God gave me at the pillow talk, Just jump! Its Leap Season! God told me to tell my girls that the time is now! If he gave you the vision he will make the provisions you just have to be in position. You may be stretched, you may be uncomfortable, you may feel exposed but keep trusting God and he will make sure you give birth to the vision you have been carrying. It's Leap season! Don't wait, allow God to stretch you to capacity if he has to because you will never know how far you can go.

When shooting a bow and arrow, in order for the arrow to reach a far distance the bow must be stretched to its farthest extent to get the arrow to the highest place. Consider yourself the bow and your dreams the arrow and ask yourself, How far do I want my dream to go? The distance is not merely in the bow and arrow, the distance is in the stretching!

Check out some footage from the pillow talk! I hope to see you at the next one. Feb 2020 "God is Love Pillow Talk"

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