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Order is Required!

The thing about God is he's always communicating. He is always speaking and it's up to us to really turn down the noise in our lives and listen in to what he is saying. What has he placed on your heart? In this season I've been hearing open door. I've received confirmation over and over again that this is my season of open doors. As soon as I found myself getting excited God stopped me in my tracks with a very necessary word. He said to me that this next open door is next level and the next level requires a certain level of order.

Order requires discipline and discipline requires consistency.

I began to evaluate my life and took note of the things that were out of order. My prayer life, my attitude, my consistency, my work ethic, my relationships, my finances; I evaluated everything as much as i could so that I could understand what God was saying to me. That evaluation shook me, I realized just how much I had been functioning in my own disfunction. This next level requires you to pull yourself out of disfunction, depression, disorder, and destruction. When you're called to live a life outside of mediocrity you are called to order.

So my question is, how are you currently functioning? What is out of order? Where do you lack discipline? Your next level depends on your order. 1Timothy 3:5 says it like this "but if a man does not manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God?" If your life is out of order, How can you manage your next level of purpose? How can you handle your business becoming a million dollar business if you can't manage your household finances? How can you handle God blessing you with the team you've been praying for if you cant handle the attitudes of the family members in your home? How can you handle running your own business if you can't handle the basic requirements on your 9-5 job? yeah, that one hit home for me too. This next level requires order on all levels.

Matthew 6:1 "Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your father who is in heaven." This instagram era reinforces the idea that we don't have to seek real change in real life. Instead we can live a certain way online and live completely out of order offline. I can proclaim God online but never really commit myself to him offline. Time is Up for the internet fakes! This next level will expose you for the real you so it is imperative before God moves you from the back to the forefront that you get your life in all aspects in order.

1 corinthians 14:40 But all things must be done properly and in an orderly manner.

Consider it this way, A restroom stall may be available and present but, if there is an "Out Of Order" sign on the door that restroom stall is useless. I hate to compare your purpose to a restroom stall but, this is the way God broke it down to me so I have to give it to you how he gave it to me lol. So for now, consider yourself similar to the restroom stall. Yes you're present, yes you're available, yes you may even have all the required tools to function but if you are "Out of Order" in this next season you can not be used. This next season requires order! Don't wait until the new year, start today, start now! Your next level depends on it!

How can we achieve order:

1. Identify what's out of order

2. Repent for your lack of discipline in that area

3. build a routine to form habits of discipline

4.Be intentional about every move you make in building discipline

5. consistently pray for strength in those weak areas

6.cast down all thoughts connected to your old way of functioning

7.Dont give up, even if you have to start over.

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