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Your Haters Are Not Your Validators

I'm coming to you in love to help heal you and not hurt you. Allow me in for just a moment to touch on something that may be a little sensitive to you. I'm writing you today to address your need to feel important. Before you go into defense mode, hear me out. First let me say I am so proud of you! You have grown so much and come so far. Your level up has been next level and I love to relish in your accomplishments! While your progress is note worthy, I was led to tell you that God doesn't allow you to prosper to feed your ego. He allows you to prosper so that he can be glorified.

We live in a social media era where everything is shared and exposed and as a result, competitiveness is at an all time high. Most of the things most people post is to prove a point to someone else and I'm here to tell you that your haters don't validate you! Stop using your haters for validation! I know that may sound crazy but, that's what you do when you post subliminal's waiting for the person to notice and then you finally feel important because you got under their skin. Intentionally targeting your enemies is a cry out for validation. Your enemies can't validate you! God validates you! No matter how much you may feel that your accomplishments give you one up on your enemy, if God is not pleased then the work you do serves no real purpose. 

Some of us also share not because we have known haters but, we have this urge to let people know that we are busy. What exactly are you trying to prove? We have become so accustomed to over sharing that it has become difficult for us to decipher when God is telling us to hold back from releasing. One thing that I have learned in building my business is that God's timing is essential. My prayer lately has been "Lord help me to be at one with you! Help me not to move until you say move. Help me not to move prematurely. Help me not to move too late but, synchronize me with your will for my life so that I may eternally abide in your flow." It is important that we stay in the timing and flow of God especially as it concerns our purpose and businesses. A premature move may cause you to waste money, time, and energy and a delayed move may cause you to miss an opportunity. This is why it is important to only move when God tells you too! Stop sharing your ideas when he's calling you to be quiet about them in this season. Stop announcing your next move because you don't know who may not want to see you win. Scale back on over sharing, especially out of God's timing and focus more on cultivating the dream in the dark. It's like developing a photo in a photography room. The photo can not be exposed to the light until it is fully developed! The same with your dream and your vision. It can not be exposed to the light, people, or social media until it is fully developed!

The thing that keeps me humble is constantly reminding myself that my dreams, my vision, my work is bigger than me! Every time I feel my ego rise when I accomplish something I remind myself that my work is not about me. It will never be for my glory but, it will always be for the glory of the Lord. People may applaud you when you're doing well and It's okay to relish in your achievements but, always point people to the one who supplies you with the opportunity to shine. Yes, I am proud of you but, I don't ever want you to miss what God is saying because you're trying to impress people. If this is the season for you to cultivate your dream keep your head down and do just that and when the time is right God will give you the green light and you will be unstoppable. Stop seeking validation from your enemies, starve the urge of letting people know you're busy and focus on the work you have at hand. 

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