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Lemons to Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. We have all been dealt a bowl of lemons at some point in life but, its what you do with those lemons that matter. I get so many questions about my life and so many assumptions that my life is so perfect but no one really knows about the lemons that were used to create the lemonade that you see me sipping on today. Ladies often ask about the steps I've taken to build my family and get married against all odds and my answer is simple. I trusted God and I used my lemons to make lemonade.

Growing up in a single parent home I never really saw with my own eyes, in my home what healthy black love was supposed to look like. So many challenges, domestic abuse, poverty. I watched my mother struggle with no help from the men who were responsible for the seeds that she carried. For years she struggled with kidney failure and dialysis. The man that was supposed to protect and provide, did the opposite. She was dealt several bowls of lemons but, she was able to create the sweetest lemonade.

I learned from my mother, No matter what cards you are dealt you must trust God with them and play them to your advantage. I never used the hardships in my life as an excuse not to believe in love. I took what I hated in the relationships I saw and I noted what I didn't like in men. I didn't always know what I wanted but I was very certain of what I didn't want. I never saw love and marriage in my home growing up. I saw abuse and disrespect. I never saw wealth growing up, I saw struggle. I wasn't sure what I wanted but, I used what I didn't want to fuel my fire.

It doesn't matter the cards you were dealt, never use it as an excuse to count yourself out. No matter what I saw or experienced I always believed that I was worthy of love that was opposite of what I saw. I believe that I am worthy of wealth although I grew up in the struggle. I believe I am worthy of healthy love although I witnessed domestic issues. The lemons given to me as a child, I used them to make lemonade. Those lemons were the driving force behind my pursuit for love, genuine happiness, and success.

I encourage you to turn your lemons into lemonade. I don't care what cards you were dealt use them to your advantage. Even if you have to start with what you don't want, start. Your heartache can turn into the sweetest lemonade.

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