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I'm Not Of This World

Why fit in when you were created to stand out? The pressure to keep up with others seems to weigh on a lot of young women very heavily. I often wonder why do some young women go to certain extremes to look like, dress like, or be like someone else. I have witnessed so many things just being around and talking to other women and I have learned a lot about the desperation our young ladies carry to maintain a false "image" or "lifestyle."

Everyday we walk this earth with pretenders and I often have to stop and ask, how far are people really willing to go to prove to people who don't really care about them that their existence is adequate? We see it on so many levels. Everybody pretending to be rich but, the truth is they're struggling. Spending their last dime to get designer bags, clothes and shoes to "look" rich but in reality, financially they are not stable.I've heard of people risking their freedom doing fraud just to maintain a lifestyle that is truly not their reality, for what? To gain the approval or envy of people who could care less about what happens to you if you get caught. 

I'm writing this today to remind you that human opinion does not define your adequacy. Human opinion does not define your worth or your value. You were verified by God before instagram created a verification system. You don't need a blue check or an applause to feel like you are somebody because God knew you before he formed you in your mothers womb. At what point do we step back from trying to prove this same weak point?

Mark 8:36 says for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul. What profit do you gain after you have accumulated a closet full of designer, scammed as many people as you could, spent your last dollar to impress someone else, all for the price of your soul? Think about it. Now I'm not saying don't get nice things for yourself or don't enjoy your life. What I'm saying is do those things with the right motive and intentions. If how you're going to "stunt" on your "enemy" when you get the designer bag crosses your mind your intentions are not pure. If you have to steal something that someone else worked hard for just to impress someone else, your heart is not in the right place. If you only feel important when you get likes on instagram, you are not clear about your true identity. 

I learned at a young age that although I am in this world, I am not of this world.I think sometimes we try so hard to fit in and be relevant among people that we lose sight of our true selves. There is a uniqueness about you, there is a difference in you that sets you apart from others but, you're so busy chasing the approval of people that you have lost sight of you! Turn from chasing things to chasing God and he will give you the things that you desire (Matthew 6:33). Then there will be no need to pretend, there would be no need to fake it. You will then be able to stand boldly in your truth and boldly be who God has called you to be instead of imitating someone else's reality. 

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